Preview: Lets talk about Men

I've always wanted to dedicate a post for menswear, but not just any type of menswear, mind you!  In this post I am going to examine a special breed of men, those who prefer to walk on the fringes of classics. I am talking about the type of men you'd see gracing the streets of Pitti city in an extravagant display of mastered artistry.  This post is dedicated to all of you Thom Brownes, contemporary design and business casual lovers.

In this upcoming post I will try to expose the unmatched elegance of a man in an expertly-tailored suit. Even better,  we will get to talk about the best ways to combine a refined, well structured sports jacket with flat-front, ankle-exposing trousers or cut-off shorts. If you are one of those Pitti Uomo men, the result is sure to be nothing but an an elegant expression of casual, neoclassical display of fashion.

Stay tuned...


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The Jones said...

Oh my word, so excited to read more! I looooove menswear and am especially intrigued by this type of styling. The Sartorialist always has fabulous pics of European menswear :)

P.s. I'm also a MN blogger!

<3 Cambria