May I introduce you? Stefanel in Corso V. Emanuele

STEFANEL, is an upper-bridge, premium brand priced a little higher than Diesel and somewhere between Emporio Armani and MaxMara. Its a classic Italian brand and one of the country's newly exported gifts to the US!

The brand is one of my favorites, because it satisfies my needs for everything tan, neutral and pastel!! Its also my go-to brand when shopping for cashmere, linen and textured fabrics. 2012 marked the label's first attempt with integrated digital marketing and the launch of SS2012 collection in collaboration with fashion bloggers from around the world. 

Bloggers in Corso V. Emanuele were given first chance to experience the new collection and share their own personal style with complementary full looks courtesy of the band!

“It has been a very funny and interesting day as it opened a new communication channel with our customers and the digital world ” – Giuseppe Stefanel, President of the Stefanel group.

Stefanel SS 2012
Model: Daria Werbowy


Brand Story: Dolce & Gabbana in Family Tradition

 In advertising, the product is given first and foremost priority over anything else within the frame. Despite the fact, this ad by Dolce & Gabbana challenges the first rule in the book of fashion advertising and photography and delivers, in higher dosage,  a very resonant and underlying theme of the brand's 2012 spring campaign. 

Glancing over the campaign photos, one can't help but notice the masterful weaving of a brand story through cinematography. The 2012 campaign titled La Bella Estate or The Beautiful Summer is a beautiful interplay of history, emotions and nostalgia.  In the final photo, shot by photographer Giampaolo Sgura and Mariano Vivanco, Monica Bellucci and the cast are part of a traditional Italian family. The scene, though shot on the coast of Genova, is set to mimic classic southern Italian life. The aesthetic of the images is extremely captivating and is unmistakably Sicilian, with each portrait oozing romance and tradition. The portraits are graced with an array of gorgeous men and women, casted over a stunning seaside scenery, an arrangement put in place intentionally to bring the viewer back to the label's roots and origin!  If you eye is trained, you will be able to spot the the paramount amount of control exercised over each image in order to deliver a unified, singular theme where the final result is simply stunning! This campaign is simply not the kind you gloss over and thumb through when flipping through your monthly edition of Vogue or Elle. The candid setting of the portraits is so exceptional that it prompts the eye for a brief stop-and-gaze. For me, my gaze was upon the final images of the campaign-- the family gathering in the rustic, provincial, relaxed setting. The images were intentionally placed as a final reminder of the brand's legacy and its true southern Italian spirit. The product is unmistakably Dolce and Gabbana and so is the label's Sicilian roots. 

In the grand scheme of things and for a brand that is as developed and mature as Dolce&Gabbana, one can intentionally skip the part where you place focus on the product and opt for a delivery of a far more profound brand story. Personally, this campaign is one of my favorites and will remain so for the rest of this year; not only does it bring images of La Dolce Vita, old 60s movies and iconic Italian women such as Sophia Loren, but it also succeeds in delivering the intended marketing message and creating curiosity for viewership. 

Dolce & Gabbama Spring 2012 features Bianca Balti, Monica Bellucci and features Italian actors Giuseppe Fiorello, Francesco Scianna, Filippo Negro, Thomas Trabacchi, Primo Reggiani and Chiara Francini and is shot by Giampaolo Sgura and Mariano Vivanco





Warm colors

 I really like the color combo in this dress. Color blocking with separates is the trend of the season, yet its really hard to find a solid color-blocked piece. So you can imagine my excitement when I walked into J.Crew and found this dress. I originally picked this dress for a recent trip and it proved great for the transitional, in-between weather we were in. You know, the kind of weather where its chilly in the shade and warm under the sun!!

I am always sold for bright neon colors and three-quarter sleeve dresses and this J.Crew dress is definitely one of my favorites for this spring/summer


Preview: Lets talk about Men

I've always wanted to dedicate a post for menswear, but not just any type of menswear, mind you!  In this post I am going to examine a special breed of men, those who prefer to walk on the fringes of classics. I am talking about the type of men you'd see gracing the streets of Pitti city in an extravagant display of mastered artistry.  This post is dedicated to all of you Thom Brownes, contemporary design and business casual lovers.

In this upcoming post I will try to expose the unmatched elegance of a man in an expertly-tailored suit. Even better,  we will get to talk about the best ways to combine a refined, well structured sports jacket with flat-front, ankle-exposing trousers or cut-off shorts. If you are one of those Pitti Uomo men, the result is sure to be nothing but an an elegant expression of casual, neoclassical display of fashion.

Stay tuned...